9 Great Pubs For City Travelers


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Author: Adam Zettler


Travelers to cities can raise a cold one at these famous and iconic pubs and bars in some of the coolest cities all over the world.


The Brazen Head-Dublin


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The oldest pub in Ireland, and perhaps the world, The Brazen Head is well worth a visit for both its historical value and reputation as one of Dublin's best Irish music venues. Established in 1198-yes, it's over 800 years old.



Wheat Sheaf-Toronto


(photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Wheat Sheaf is among Toronto's oldest watering holes and is something of a Toronto institution whose continuous operation actually dates back to 18 years before Confederation (that's 1849 for you Canadian history buffs!). Located in the King Street West Entertainment District, travelers to Toronto can enjoy its laid back atmosphere and an awesome patio.



The Blind Beggar-London, UK


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Established in 1894, The Blind Beggar got its name from an old legend of an English rebel who was blinded at the crossroads where this pub now stands.  Once frequented by the famous (and criminal!) Kray Brothers, this East End public venue has a Victorian character and is now a trendy venue for students, professionals, Londoners and tourists. A classic British pub!



Friend in Hand-Sydney


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This awesome Australian pub is located in the heart of Sydney's Glebe District. Friend in Hand is an award winning hotel with a unique interior, filled with oddities and knick knacks cramming every available space, and an extensive beer menu that makes it a friendly and unforgettable place to visit. Say hello to Joe the Cockatoo while you are there.



The Snug-Boston


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The Snug is a laid back, Irish style pub located in the Hingham District of Boston. Very cozy and authentic, a nice place to spend a mellow evening away from the hustle and bustle. A great pub to enjoy some Celtic themed artwork and some great Celtic music.



McSorley's Old Ale House-New York City


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Established in 1854, McSorley's Old Ale House has been a gathering place, a watering hole, the subject of art and literature and even a supreme court controversy. It was the last "men only" bar as women were only allowed to enter after 1970. McSorley's is New York City's oldest continuously operated saloon. Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon to Woody Guthrie have passed thru McSorley's swinging doors. Travelers should check out the memorabilia that highlights the history of this very cool place.



Galway Arms-Chicago


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Travelers to Chicago can enjoy a little piece of Irish countryside at Galway Arms, one of Chicago's best pubs, known for its authenticity, fireplaces, and creaky floors. The sign outside this pub known for having some of the best food in Chicago says "Heart of Chicago, Soul of Ireland".



Cafe Royale-Edinburgh


(photo courtesy of MSN Food)

Travelers to Edinburgh looking for something a little more upscale should check out Cafe Royale, nestled in the heart of downtown Edinburgh. Entering the Cafe Royal is like going back 120 years in time. Elegant stained glass and fine late Victorian plasterwork dominate the Cafe Royale. The menu features some definitive Scottish cuisine, like black pudding, cullen skink and oysters and mussels galore.



Harry's Bar-Venice


(image courtesy of Emily Quinn Artist)

Visitors to Venice can experience one of Europe's most famous gathering places at Harry's Bar, where for over 70 years, famous writers, celebrities and artists have congregated to have a cocktail. The story of how Harry's Bar was established is absolutely fascinating. Recommendation for travelers: a Harry's Bellini.

Know a great pub or bar that you would recommend for travelers? Make a recommendation in the discussion below!





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