10 Recommended City Travel Destinations for 2013


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Where are the travel hotspots for 2013? Some of the best and most respected online travel publications have began recommending and predicting some "hot" and "trendy" city travel destinations for 2013. We've compiled some of these predictions and trends for 2013 and some of our favourite urban getaways made the list.....


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"Truly where East meets West, Istanbul is thriving with plenty of restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs to choose from. Check out the minarets of the Blue Mosque, browse the stunning Hagia Sophia, see how the sultans lived their lives at the sumptuous Topkapi Palace and relax and while the nights away on a Bosphorus River cruise which offers amazing views back onto the Old City, a perfect blend of travel and adventure." Puretravel.com

Top 10 Things to Do in Istanbul


San Francisco


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"If you need an extra incentive to get yourself to San Francisco, the city has an ace up its sleeve – the 34th America’s Cup is coming to fog city in 2013, and big changes and upgrades are afoot all along San Francisco’s heaving waterfront.Lonelyplanet.com

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"In a city known primarily for its "hot chicken" and "meat and three sides," chefs are helping to transform Nashville into a new culinary powerhouse, along the lines of Charleston. On the other end of the spectrum, buzzy food trucks are hitting the streets of hip neighborhoods like East Nashville and The Gulch." Yahoo Travel

Best Things to do in Nashville




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"During the Winterlicious foodie festival (January 25 to February 7), nosh your way through Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods, including Little India, home to the Gerrard India Bazaar, North America’s largest South Asian marketplace. Winterlicious culinary events include affordable prix fixe menus at more than a hundred of the city’s top restaurants." National Geographic



Niagara Falls

"Competition among Niagara Falls hotels is as fierce as the roar of the iconic falls. Hotels this year have been aggressively one-upping each other to the point where the value of perks, such as dining, casino and spa credits, essentially make the room free -- and this trend shows no signs of slowing." Travelzoo.com

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Christchurch, New Zealand


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"After the tragic earthquakes that leveled great swaths of this city in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand, is bouncing back with a vengeance, reclaiming its rightful reputation as a quirky, urban enclave known for embracing New Zealand's rural charms at spots like the Christchurch Botanic Gardens." Travelchannel.com


Seattle & Denver

"Though local tourist officials are openly critical of the recent statewide votes in Washington and Colorado that legalized the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana, I suggest they are actually overjoyed. Already, hotels in Seattle and Denver are reporting numerous requests for reservations by pot supporters planning visits to Washington and Colorado, and numerous articles have drawn comparisons to the way in which tourism to Amsterdam in The Netherlands has been increased by the easy availability of the well-known drug" Frommers.com

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Best of Denver 2012




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"Amsterdam always cast a spell on travellers, but the party ramps up big-time in 2013, when more anniversaries than you can shake a herring at coincide........ It all adds up to a slew of celebratory concerts, exhibits and street fests grooving throughout 2013." Lonelyplanet.com


Marseille, France

"These days Marseille has every right to act the cagou (slang for a show-off) as it and the surrounding Provence region assume the role of 2013 European Capital of Culture.........Major renovations have polished up many of the city’s 20-plus museums, including the Musée Cantini, whose trove of Picassos and Mirós is housed in an elegant 1694 town house. For all the new energy, Marseille’s old pleasures remain as alluring as ever...." National Geographic

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Do you have a great urban travel destination or recommendation idea for 2013? A recommendation for a must-visit destination? Want to share where your travels are taking you next year? Join our discussion below!







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